Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Children Creativity Complex (3C)

A special visit to 3C were made by Y.B. Ronnie Liu (State Exco), Y.B. Loh G.B. (MP Kelana Jaya) & Y.B. Hannah Yeoh (ADUN Subang Jaya) on 15/07/08.

Their visit were accompanied by YDP MPSJ Dato' Adnan, undersigned, Tuan Hj. Slamat (Setiausaha Perbandaran), Puan Hajjah Haini (Pen. Pengarah 3C) and several head-of-departments.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Insufficient Street Lighting

Several complaints regarding insufficient of street lighting (mainly by the residents in PJS 7, SS15, USJ 2, USJ 12... etc) come to my attention recently.

There is a common understanding that lamp post with galvanised iron (G.I.) type is erected by contractor engaged by MPSJ. Meanwhile, lamp post with precast concrete (P.C.) type is erected by TNB. The cost for installation & electrical bill for the formal type will debited to MPSJ eventually.

G.I. type lamp posts (including decorative type) are mainly erected along (at both road sides or its median) the Main Roads (Persiaran Tujuan for example) & Distribution Roads. As for the Local Roads, in which in front of our house, are with P.C. posts.

There is an existing policy that lighting will be installed at every alternate P.C. post. Resident whom insists the lighting to be installed at the 'empty' P.C. post in front of his/her house can apply through TNB directly. However, the electrical bill will be debited to his / her personal account monthly. Kindly contact TNB Bandar Subang Jaya at 03-56337000 for further information.

As highlighted by Y.B. Hannah Yeoh during the dialog with residents in conjunction with 100 Days celebration with Pakatan Rakyat's Government on 30/06/08, every resident wanted the lighting to be installed at every single P.C. post due to the increased crime rate recently. However, this would lead to excessive overhead / monthly electric bill to be bear by MPSJ.

In the same event, Mr. Chia Kwai Loy (MPSJ Councillor 2008/09) who resides in USJ 16 recommended every resident should do his / her part to help help to bright-up the compound / area. The resident should on his / her car porch light / garden light and backyard light at night.

Nevertheless, as for the certain locations (as shown in the above photo) which have installed any lamp post. Application shall be forwarded to Jabatan Kejuruteraan, MPSJ (and not to TNB directly) for action.

SS15 Wet Market (Pork Section, Grd. Floor) - Ventilation Fans... etc

The following visits to the Pork Section, SS15 Wet Market were made:-
1) 11/07/08 - with Mr. Gary Chong (MPSJ Councillor 2008/09 & Special Assistant to Y.B. Teresa Kok) & Mr. Edward Yap (volunteer to Y.B. Hannah Yeoh)
2) 15/07/08 - with Ir. Rosli (Pengarah Jabatan Kejuruteraan, MPSJ)

According to majority of the pork sellers, they have the following proposals:-
1) to install 3 nos. ventilation fans on the existing steel grille at the door-openings;
2) to appoint a person-in-charge / to know the personnel who keeping the key for distribution board (D.B.) room which is located next to this section. Currently, they are having difficulty to access to the D.B. room when the 'tripping' occurs.

SS15 Wet Market (Hawker Center, 1st Floor) - Uncovered Roof

I personally made several visits to the said Hawker Center on:-
1) 30/06/08 - with Mr. Edward Ling (Political Secretary to Y.B. Hannah Yeoh), Mr. Rajiv & Mr. Timothy Ho (both are Special Assistants to Y.B. Hannah Yeoh)
2) 11/07/08 - with Mr. Gary Chong (MPSJ Councillor 2008/09 & Special Assistant to Y.B. Teresa Kok) & Mr. Edward Yap (volunteer to Y.B. Hannah Yeoh)
3) 15/07/08 - Ir. Rosli (Pengarah Jabatan Kejuruteraan, MPSJ), En. Muhd. Azli (Pengarah Khidmat Pengurusan, MPSJ), En. Ismail Salim (Pengarah Pelesenan, MPSJ) & En. Ahmad Hassan (Pegawai Penguatkuasa, MPSJ)

According to MPSJ, 2 nos. 20' x 20' tents will be installed by this week as temporary measure. The tents will be erected over the 'exposed' tables & chairs.

As for the long term measure, MPSJ will insist the contractor / supplier to repair / replace then reinstall the broken tensioned-membrane as its warranty period has yet to matured.

Friday, July 4, 2008

USJ 1 - USJ 8 Link Road

This proposed link road is from Persiaran Mulia (landmark :- Khalifah; USJ8 shop lot) to Persiaran Subang Indah (landmark :- Honda Service Center & Sensata Tech.) and then to Angsana Apartment.

This road leads from USJ 8 to the light industrial area near the SRJK (C) Chee Wen. It is near where MAMEE and Schenker have their warehouses.

It has been months since the road under construction and the following works have yet to be completed till date:-
a. installation of road furniture including traffic light at the junction;
b. resurfacing of premix & road marking.

Therefore, many parents that send their school children to the SRJK (C) Chee Wen have to make a big round, passing through the car repair shops, to get to the school.

On 16/06/08, MPSJ had issued a letter to the developer to speed up the said construction works. However, the said developer replied that they have yet to settle the Land Acquisition (L.A.) problem with the adjacent land lot owner.